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Litigation is what we do.


When it comes to legal disputes and litigation, having an attorney that can negotiate, mediate, and litigate competently and efficiently is critical. If the attorney for the opposing party knows your attorney never goes to trial or is not comfortable in a trial setting, your negotiation power is reduced. The reality is that most lawsuits are settled without a trial. However, your attorney must be ready and able to take your case to trial if necessary. 

We are a trial law firm. We approach all cases as if they are going to trial. This means that we start our investigation and the discovery process early. Therefore, we are prepared for settlement negotiations and mediation as early as your situation and case allows us to be.

We also understand that litigation is stressful. When you hire us, we shoulder the day-to-day challenges of your legal matter so that you can focus on your life and the key decisions in your case that only you can make.

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Construction Defects

There are several statutes and common law remedies that can be used to seek compensation for you when a contractor or subcontractor has failed to meet their obligations on your construction project. When a contractor and/or subcontractor fails to perform their work to proper standards, as agreed, or just disappears before completing the project, we look at all possible legal remedies and discuss them with you before deciding on a course of action. Our attorneys not only understand the laws of construction defects, they are experienced in residential construction. They understand residential construction from foundations through roofing and trim carpentry. Call now to discuss your construction case with us. We will visit your construction site in addition to viewing your photographs to fully understand your case. 

Construction and Remodeling Contracts
Drafting and Litigation  

One of the most important things you can do before starting a home renovation or construction project is to have a good contract with your contractor. A key provision of any contract for construction is the delineation between the funds you pay the contractor for his or her time and services and those you pay the contractor to pay the various subcontractors (such as electricians, drywall hangers and finishers, and trim carpenters). Colorado has a statute that permits treble (3 times) damages when a contractor uses money that should have been paid to a subcontractor for any other purpose. This civil and criminal theft statute is designed to protect homeowners, but a clear delineation of subcontractor and contractor fees in the contract makes this statute much easier to enforce. We can assist you in litigating, drafting, or reviewing a construction or remodeling contract in Colorado. The construction contract is not only the guide for the construction project, it is the first thing lawyers will review if there is a disagreement about the project.

Real Estate litigation

There are numerous types of real estate disputes. In today's real estate market, earnest money disputes can arise when a seller tries to keep an earnest money deposit when the purchase contract was properly canceled. Another problem is the failure of the seller to disclose known structural defects or health issues.

Given the fast turnover of "flips" and the record construction currently occurring in the greater Denver real estate market, mechanics liens are sometimes an issue.

Less common real estate issues involve land boundary disputes, ownership disputes, and title defects.

Our attorneys understand and can assist you with disputes involving real estate contracts, title problems, and deed defects. 

employment law

We only represent plaintiffs in employment law, not businesses or individuals who are being sued. Our employment law practice encompasses wrongful termination claims, wage and hour claims, and discrimination claims.

While Colorado is an "employment at will" state, there are still situations in which your employer cannot fire you without violating public policy, anti-discrimination laws, or, in rare instances, a contract for employment.


General Civil Litigation

Our general civil litigation practice includes insurance bad faith claims, contract disputes, breach of warranty claims, and claims for damage to or destruction of property. Often times, small claims can be resolved between you and the other party. However, larger or complex claims often require litigation or the involvement of an attorney to begin meaningful negotiations.

Why you should choose the maggiore law firm for your litigation needs

Because we focus on litigation, we are efficient in our practices and our case management. 

We approach every case like it is going to trial in order to make the most compelling arguments possible given your situation.

We also recognize that while we engage in litigation on a regular basis, this is probably your first legal dispute. This recognition enables us to maintain compassion for and an understanding of your situation.

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